Name: Richard D. Pickard

Charge: Assault-2nd degree and Probation Violation

Bond: Capias, no bond

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Name: Nathan S.M. Guyer

Charge: Writ for court

​Bond: No bond

Name: Eric A. Wagner

Charge: Non-support

Bond: $5,000 cash or corp surety

Name: Roy Robert Kunkle III

Charge: Assault 1st degree, felony B, Burglary 1st, felony B, Armed Criminal Action, felony U, Unlawful Use of Weapon, felony E

​Bond: $50,000 cash or surety

Name: Shamus M. Peterson

Charge: Statutory Rape, 2nd degree, Felony D

Bond: $50,000 cash or surety

Name: Rodney Dow Murphy​

Charge: Possession of Child Pornography- 2nd offense, Felony B

Bond: $50,000 cash or surety

Name: Tyler J. Steinman

Charge: Distribute/deliver/manufacture/produce or Attempt to or Possess with intent to distribute/deliver/manufacture/produce A Controlled Substance, Felony B (x 6)

Bond: $50,000 cash or surety

​Name: Rebecca J. Lane

​Charge: Failure to Obey Judge's Orders

​Bond: Capias, no bond

Name: Gregory Howard

Charge: Failure to Appear

Bond: Capias, no bond

Name: Kenneth L. Wykert

Charge: ​Murder 2nd degree, Felony A, Abandonment of a Corpse, Felony E, and Failure to Register as Sex Offender, Felony E

Bond: ​No bond

Name: Jennifer M. Ray

Charge: Failure to Appear on Original charge of Possession and Probation Violation

Bond: $4500 ($2000 cash only and $2500 surety only)

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Name: Shanea R. Pointer

​Charge: Failure to Appear and Probation Violation

Bond: no bond

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